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In order to meet your needs more quickly, we’re making new products available earlier in our development cycle. Like software “beta” releases, these products are very close to being finished, and we’re just fine-tuning them and gathering feedback before their official launch.

The new “beta” category in our web store features two new offerings – a kit for iPhone 6/6S, and ⅛” rolls of the adhesive from which we cut our kits. Both of these are available at a significantly discounted price while they are “in beta”.

As always, we invite and welcome your feedback on all of our products, and we’d love to hear what else we can develop for you! 🙂

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  • Love your products. I own a repair shop and have used them many times. They are worth every penny I pay for them and I use them any time the standard adhesive fails. If they were just a little cheaper I would use them every time. Why do you not have them for more devices though? A lot of the Motorola z and x series could really use a superior alternative like you offer. It can’t be that involved a process to put them into production. Just curious.

    A big fan

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