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What is your role at BowlerTech?

I handle shipping and customer service, so I try to get all orders shipped that come in by 3PM Monday through Friday on the same day.  If after 3PM on Friday, then the following Monday (unless it’s a US 3 day holiday weekend, of course).  🙂  I started working for BowlerTech on October 1, 2014.

What inspires you about working for BowlerTech?

I like people a lot, so I enjoy getting the products prepared to help in their work and also the interactions I have with the customer service part when there are questions or problems.  It is fun and interesting to see the many places we ship to!  Originally my inspiration was just giving Benji and Paul a hand and being able to make some extra money, but as BowlerTech has been growing and employing a few more folks, it is exciting to hear the vision for the future that others have and to interact with the team!

What is your favorite mythical creature?

I have to ditto Britta here!  I thought of unicorns before I found out it is her favorite as well.  🙂  The Unicorn Bookstore was in Linden Hills shopping area when we moved into our house, less than two blocks away (it was where Great Harvest Bakery is now).  I have had a Unicorn keychain for years and always loved The Irish Rover’s “Unicorn Song”!  Without a doubt, unicorns are my favorite.