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What is your role at BowlerTech?

I’m mostly focused on creating technology to make everyone else’s jobs easier – both the jobs of my teammates and the jobs of the people who buy our adhesives. I write the software that controls our cutting machines, and I’m currently in the process of retro-fitting a laser onto one of them. I’m also in the early stages of rewriting the entire web site and ordering system.

What inspires you about working for BowlerTech?

Knowing that I’m helping to create things that affect other people’s lives for the better. Getting paid to play with lasers is pretty slick, too!

What is your favorite mythical creature?

My favorite mythical creature is the “normal person”. I know they are popularly believed to be real, but I’ve never met one, nor have I seen any compelling evidence that they exist. I think the alleged sightings are just weird people dressed up and acting like normal people. Luckily, I love weird people too – that’s why I get along with myself and my teammates so well.  😉