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  • Ali

    I am having problems adhering the right lower corner of my ipad air (1st gen).
    That area is thinner than all others and the front glass seems to separate after a day or 2.
    So far I have used the default adhesive that ships with the front glass and also “red tape” adhesive.

    Would your product be able to solve this issue?

    How does your product compare to :

    • Hi Ali,

      Sorry nobody saw your message until just now. The web site is supposed to email Bea when comments get posted, but it failed to do so in this case, and I only saw your message now because I was looking up the zip code for the mailing address.

      The issue you describe is exactly the kind of thing that BowlerTech’s kits are designed to solve. These kits use significantly thicker adhesive than what I’ve seen elsewhere, and this provides an extra deep cushion for overcoming subtle deformities in the device’s frame (i.e. the results of having been dropped).

      The specific 3M adhesive used in BowlerTech kits is substantially thicker (by about 50% if I recall correctly) than Red Tape, and has much better performance.

      I also looked very seriously at the Tesa 61395 adhesive (as seen in the link you posted), several months ago. The specifications are very comparable (ever-so-slightly better in some regards, and ever-so-slightly worse in others), but the price per square inch was higher, and the minimum order quantity was excessive, so I didn’t pursue it.

      I’m always looking for a similar adhesive that doesn’t say “3M” on it, though, because many people mistakenly think that “3M 300-LSE” is a specific adhesive product (it’s not – it’s a product line encompassing dozens of different adhesives, each with different characteristics) and so when they see the 3M branding in the pictures of BowlerTech kits, they assume that they’ve already tried “the 3M stuff” and they dismiss it.

      Anyway, I hope that answers your questions. There’s more info in the FAQ section:

      And, of course, feel free to post another comment, or contact us directly, if you have additional questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

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