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The following comments were originally posted to our bulk adhesive kits product information page, but were "lost in translation" to the new web site, and were absent for nearly a year. We've brought them back in this archived form, for your reference, and for the search engines. ;)

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  • sam says:

    hi there i’m gonna place n order today I just wondering if is possible to get some sample with my order , i wanna see if you adhesive is better than the other web offering

    • Beatrice Flaming Beatrice Flaming says:

      We are happy to send you some samples, just create a professional account, and let us know which kinds of kits you're interested in.

  • Bruce Burris says:

    I am looking for adhesive for ONE iPad 2. Who sells your product?

    • Beatrice Flaming Beatrice Flaming says:

      Hi Bruce,

      We do! :) Click on this link and scroll to bottom of page:

      They cost $6 plus $2 shipping in the US, $3 shipping outside. We send them all over the world!
      Thanks for your interest!

  • Minh T says:

    Just placed a wholesale order for 50 kits! I hope you draw that stegosaurus :)

    • Beatrice Flaming Beatrice Flaming says:

      Well, guess what!?! You are in luck! Benji came over to pick up his brother to take him to lunch a while ago and when he arrived, he gave me a quizzical look and asked if I’d seen your post. He didn’t understand it. :) I told him I’d show him and brought him to my computer where I showed him your bulk order. Then he understood! :) Before Benji left, he sketched a small stegosaurus for you on the BowlerTech card which I will send with your order. I sent you your invoice a bit ago, so when you send payment, I will ship the bowler hat clad steg card with your order!

      On another note – the BowlerTech dog originated from a scrap of the original 2/3/4 kit. The tail was straightened and the hat added, but he became our logo. :)