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Shortly after releasing our iPod kit, we turned our attention to the iPad Mini. Like its older brother, this kit has four obvious main pieces (top, bottom, left, right) designed for quick application to the frame, rather than to the screen. We’ve also split the home button into two symmetrical halves, in order to make things less fidgety.

  • Simplified 4-piece design for the frame (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Includes extra pieces for the home button assembly
  • 50% thicker than most kits, providing extra cushion for debris and imperfections in the frame
  • Made from specially-selected 3M adhesive, with performance characteristics optimal for this repair
  • Designed for easy application by hand
  • Creates a strong seal around the entire perimeter of the frame, effectively providing a gasket that helps minimize the entrance of dust into the device

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8 months 6 days ago

I’m an ipad mini 2 owner who’s just purchased a new lcd. The digitizer works but the lcd shows white lines instead of image in part of the screen. I intend to replace the lcd and keep the digitizer. Am I correct in assuming these adhesive strips are to be applied to the digitizer? It appears so..but I wanted to clarify before purchasing. thanks

Benji Flaming
8 months 5 days ago

Hi Matthew,

This kit actually gets applied to the metal frame of the device itself, which (in my opinion) is a bit easier and less error-prone than applying pieces to the digitizer.

FYI, if you happen to scratch the paint on the back of your digitizer while you are opening up your device, you can do a simple but very effective cosmetic repair with a Sharpie or some Wite-Out (for a black or white digitizer, respectively).

Hope your repair goes smoothly! 🙂

8 months 4 days ago

very cool – thanks Benji! Ordering now …here goes nothin!

Mike Jagneaux
7 months 5 days ago

Will this fir the frame for an ipad mini 4? Will be my 1st time repairing a 4 so I wasn’t sure if it has the same shape and cutouts

Beatrice Flaming
Beatrice Flaming
6 months 29 days ago

Hi Mike. Our kit will not work for a 4th-gen iPad Mini. 🙁 Here is a link to a printable PDF of our current kit and you can compare.

We’ll be developing a kit for that device, but don’t currently have one available. My recommendation would be to cut the shapes you need from a batch of trimmings:

It’s a bit more time-consuming than using a ready-made kit, but it’s a high-quality adhesive that should hold the repair solidly.

Hope that helps!
Thanks for your interest and inquiry!

Jon Bohner
1 month 26 days ago

will this kit work for an ipad mini 2?



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