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Adhesive materials and specifications

What kind of adhesive are these kits made from?

I’ve tried the 3M stuff in the past. Isn't this the same thing?

Where are your products manufactured?

How does your adhesive compare to the black/OEM iPad adhesive?

How does your adhesive compare to Red Tape?

How sticky are your adhesives?

How thick are your adhesives?

Using the kits

Do I need to completely remove the original adhesive from the device?

I bought a screen that already has adhesive on it. Do I need to remove that before using your kit?

How can I clean old adhesive off a device or screen?

Should these adhesives be used with a primer?

Should I use heat when applying these adhesives?

Should the repair be clamped when using this adhesive? How long?


Do you ship internationally?

How quickly are orders shipped?