Shutdown Announcement

After more than a decade of serving the mobile repair industry, BowlerTech will soon be ceasing to manufacture and distribute adhesive kits.  We still have a limited amount of adhesive stock, and will do our best to serve the needs of our customers while this remains.  Please contact us directly if you need to place an order.

The reasons for this shutdown are numerous, and include:
  • increased 3M adhesive prices
  • diminishing sales
  • lack of replacement parts availability for our manufacturing hardware
Ultimately, this decision is motivated by the belief this it is time for all 3 of us at BowlerTech to move on to the next chapters of our lives.  Paul and Bea are both technically "retired", but have been continuing to make and ship (respectively) our adhesive kits as the orders trickle in.  Benji is recently-married, and is now living more than an hour away from BowlerTech's manufacturing and shipping operations.  For further information, read Benji's website blog post.

We thank you for your business over the years, and we wish you all the best!