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The following comments were originally posted to our iPad 2/3/4 kit product information page, but were "lost in translation" to the new web site, and were absent for nearly a year. We've brought them back in this archived form, for your reference, and for the search engines. ;)

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    • Mark knott says:
      Hi I do many ipad repairs on a daily basis. Would it be possible to mail me a 4 piece adhesive kit sample that I could trial with a view to ordering on a regular basis Kindest regards Mark
    • David Farmer says:
      can’t get my Ipad 3 wifi screen to stay down, I’ve carefully tried many times and there is always a loose section along the bottom. Is your product thicker/stronger??? I really don’t know what else to do! Thanks
        • The short answer: Yes, it is. :) The adhesive we use for our iPad kits is substantially thicker than anything else we’ve seen on the market. If it was any thicker, it would start creating cosmetic and functional problems (we did a lot of testing with different thicknesses). It also has a substantial amount of “give” to it, so it can act as a cushion for tiny irregularities. As far as strength goes, if it was any stickier it would be impractical to work with – like spreading super-glue over the whole frame. ;)
    • Carsten Ahm says:
      Hi Do you ship to Denmark. And how many is a bulk order? Kind regards Carsten
        • Hi Carsten, Large orders may, of course, be subject to customs/import duties, which vary widely from country to country, but we certainly do ship to Denmark! Bulk orders start at 10 kits. Thanks for your interest, |) |)enji
    • dan bennett says:
      Hi your products look good, We have a client we look after with a lot of iPads and we look forward to working with you.
        • Hi Dan, Glad you found us! First Class Mail to the UK seems to take a couple of weeks, but your samples are on their way. :)
    • Adam says:
      Hi, I was wondering where the items are shipped from ? Thanks.
        • Hi Adam, We manufacture and ship everything out of Minneapolis, Minnesota (in the USA).
    • Mike says:
      Hi Benji, Curious as to whether or not you have a kit for the mid frame bezel as well? Or does your current kit include adhesive for that part already? -Mike
        • Hi Mike, Since the screen will secure the bezel in place once it is installed, an adhesive isn’t (strictly speaking) required. It can be nice to have it “tacked down” while working, though, so I’ve sometimes used something like this: - Benji
    • Pat Riordan says:
      Benji, Your products all I use. I’ve been burned too many times with other “factory” adhesives. When I stick a digitizer down with a Bowlertech, I know its done. That being said, are you working on an iPad Air set of adhesives? I haven’t had one in my shop yet but I expect to and I’d love to offer a Bowlertech solution.. Pat Riordan All Cracked Up Screen Repair
        • Pat, We’re in the midst of a relocation right now, but an iPad Air kit will be in-the-works soon! :) - Benji
    • Michael Nover says:
      I ordered a set from you today, looking forward to a better solution than the poor adhesive that came with my replacement digitizer. I ordered the set, because 2 weeks after the repair, the screen won’t stay adheres, particularly at one corner. I’m hoping that will mean that getting the screen off will be much easier that the original was (it got ugly). Any suggestions on the process? I’m considering getting another screen to have on hand in case I break the current one. Any suggestions on brand, since you’ve repaired a ton of them?
        • Hi Michael, The digitizer cable (in the lower-left corner) is probably the culprit. It often causes lifting problems with weaker adhesives. There’s a bit of a trick to tucking it into place when closing the unit, but sometimes the cable is so stiff that it’ll make trouble even when it’s installed perfectly. Regardless, the kit you ordered should do the trick. :) When removing your existing digitizer, the first thing I’d say is: Use heat, and work slowly and carefully. Since you’re planning to re-use the digitizer, be aware that the black or white paint on the back scratches off very easily when using metal tools, so avoid “sliding” the tools along the back surface when possible. You can use a black felt-tip pen to touch up scratches in black paint, and you could probably use Wite-Out or something similar for white paint, but it won’t look quite as clean as an unscratched frame. When I’ve asked friends with iPad repair businesses for recommendations on parts, I’ve generally been referred to Mayvillage Trading. Bear in mind that this is a 2nd-hand recommendation, of course, but I trust the sources who made the original recommendation. :)
            • I noticed the recommendation for another parts source, I have been in business for a year and have used for the entire time for the majority of my needs. The guys at QRP as I call them are always helpful and if there is a problem, the solution is only an email away. Give them a try!
                • Thanks for the tip – I’ll pass your recommendation along!
            • Craig Jessup says:
              “You can use a black felt-tip pen to touch up scratches in black paint, and you could probably use Wite-Out or something similar for white paint, but it won’t look quite as clean as an unscratched frame.” I personally use an Edding 751 – it’s a weatherproof, lightfast gloss black paint marker with a 1-2mm bullet tip. The paint can be smoothed out very easily with it, and it’s touch dry in about an hour. Since the paint is designed for use on glass, metal and plastic, it works with pretty much anything black and shiny that needs to be ‘touched up’. I’ve used it on Sony Xperia Z rear panels, as the black paint on them tends to flake away when removing the panel in question. The best bit? It also comes in WHITE!
    • Alexander says:
      Hello, do you have news about the adhesives for Ipad Air?
        • We’re waiting on one final round of customer feedback before we officially launch them. Probably sometime next week. :)
    • Hi had your samples and found they are great. We sell and Rent!! Ipads (its a UK Thing) They are usually mistreated and have dents and chassis damage when returned. Although we can recover most of the warped dented chassis the “normal” adhesive pads will not compensate for any slight variations and the screens will detach after a while. We have used the samples you sent and find they are superior in quality and will be submitting an order. Great product Thanks. Regards Clive
        • Hi Clive, Thanks for saying so – it means a lot to get comments like this. :) Regards, - Benji
    • Ethan says:
      I happen to stumble upon your website browsing around for a good adhesive to use for ipods and ipads. I got tired of customers coming back to me because of the adhesive not holding. I ordered samples of your products and straight away I knew my problems were solved. You now have a repeat customer. :)
        • Glad you found your way here! :)
    • mark says:
      I repair a few ipads for family and friends (mostly friends of the kids) and always am looking for a better adhesive. None of them seem to have the same properties as the original. Is this the same adhesive (3M 300 LSE) that most of the suppliers are selling? I have spoke to several shops that repair these items and they are using a black double sided tape that is heated to 128 degrees after assembly to make the bond stronger. Is this something that should or can be done with your adhesive? Thanks
        • Our kits are made from a significantly thicker adhesive than what other suppliers sell. It’s also substantially thicker than the original. This helps overcome the subtle bends and irregularities that appear in an iPad’s frame when it gets dropped. Our kits also cover much more surface area than the OEM design, meaning that the resulting bond would be stronger even if the adhesive *was* cut from the same material as other kits. Heat isn’t necessary when using our kits, although you could certainly try it if you’re dealing with an exceptional case. Our adhesives release at roughly 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius), so 128 degrees should be safe. Just be aware that, although the heat might make the adhesive conform even more closely to uneven surfaces, the bond will be significantly weaker until the adhesive has cooled back down, so you’d probably want to clamp the unit if you perform such an experiment. Let me know if your have further questions. :)
    • Alexander says:
      Hi, I have tried it on an iPad 2 which is the most difficult digitizer to get sticked, and I have to tell that it really works, Thanks.
        • Always glad to hear it! :)
    • Daniel Lopez says:
      I just purchased your adhesive. I was having issues with an iPad screen I replaced not sticking. Did some research online to find a solution and came across your website. First of all, I got my order super quick, within a few days. Second, it is awesome! It did exactly what it’s supposed to do. I will continue buying your adhesive for all my repairs and will recommend to others.
        • Thanks Daniel! For the record, we always provide same-day shipping on orders received before 3PM US Central Time, and next-business-day shipping on orders received after that. Once we’ve done our part, USPS generally does an outstanding job of getting the kits quickly to the people who need them! :)
    • Lee says:
      Just placed my order for more adhesive having 1 remaining from my sample. By far the best product available. I would recommend placing a small strip (1cm) of adhesive to the bezel on the long sides as it manages to attach itself to the adhesive just before fitting screen. Still, so much easier attaching adhesive to the casing rather than screen. Many thanks for developing the perfect solution
        • Glad the kits are helping your workflow! If you get a chance, I’d love to see a picture or drawing of what you’re describing with regard to placing a strip of adhesive on the bezel. I’m slightly puzzled about what you mean, since the adhesive pieces we supply already cover both the frame and the bezel. Are you, perhaps, talking about putting a strip *under* the bezel in cases where it has been replaced? Sorry for my lack of comprehension – thanks in advance for enlightening me! :)
    • Daniel kim says:
      Hi, do you guys provide adhesive tape for the mid frame bezel?
        • I used to use something like this: It isn’t necessary, strictly speaking, since the digitizer will lock the bezel in-place once it is installed, but I liked having the bezel locked-down while I was working. :)
        • James says:
          buy the bulk tape kit and cut the small strips that are left over, there are two very thing pieces on the edge and two in the middle, They fit perfect in the mid frame bezel groove. great money saving and waste reduction.
            • Beatrice Flaming Beatrice Flaming says:
              Yes, James! That was part of the idea behind creating the bulk kits! Less expensive for us to create and more material for customers! Some folks like the convenience of the pre-peeled kits, but others like the bulk so they can use the scraps for projects we don’t have kits for. We do have a new design in the works, which we hope will ultimately have the best of both types of kits, as well as some strips in various widths, but these projects are on hold while Benji works on a big computing project. He also has hired another fellow to come up with some designs for other products and they will soon be tested. :) On another note – we have been saving our scraps from the production of the kits and have been cutting them into manageable sizes, so one of these days, we plan to sell them as well. We are just too small a company presently to do all that we dream of. Thanks for your input! And Happy New Year!
    • Kevin says:
      Worked great for me – fixed my nephews ipad 4th generation this morning. Was having trouble keeping the screen attached after it had been stepped on. Used this kit and it is working great!!
        • Beatrice Flaming Beatrice Flaming says:
          We were really glad to hear about your success with your nephew’s iPad. Always great to hear success stories. Thanks for letting us know!
    • Jaquesnadez says:
      Really great product! Thanks for the sharing with us. But recently i purchased Mini Complete Tool Kit from Bulk repair parts, that’s also good. But i will recommend my friends.
        • Thanks for the feedback! Cheers! :)
    • Kelly Rudolph says:
      Will I need extra adhesive to tack down the home button and camera holder? Also anymore recommendations for where to purchase parts would be greatly appreciated!
    • Allan O'Brien says:
      Do you have a UK distributor or can you send me these in the UK? I am absolutely sick of the crappy cheap tape that comes on the screens these days, it’s useless and time consuming replacing it.
        • Beatrice Flaming Beatrice Flaming says:
          Hi Allan, We have a number of customers in the UK! :) We hope to some day have a distributor there, especially since we know you folks have both customs fees and some internal delivery fee within your country that raises the price for you. Currently, we are the only distributor, though we are working with a Canadian and hope to set up our first distributorship there within the year. We are also working on a new website and ordering system, which should be going within a few months. The UK and Australia are locations which we hope to eventually have distributorships, as well as Europe, but it is not a simple thing to set up. So for now, you will have to order from us. Hope that helps! Bea