iPad 7 or iPad 8 premium 5-pack ($4/kit)
iPad 7 or iPad 8 premium 5-pack ($4/kit)

iPad 7 or iPad 8 premium 5-pack ($4/kit)

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Like the rest of its siblings, this kit is designed to maximize the strength of the repair, while keeping the repair process itself as fast and simple as possible.  Since Apple's 7th-generation and 8th-generation iPad frames have such narrow ledges on the left and right edges, the side pieces in this kit have been split in half, in order to allow a solid anchor point at the top or bottom while the rest of the strip is applied.
  • Fits both iPad 7 and iPad 8 tablets
  • 6-piece design for the frame (top, top-left side, top-right side, bottom, bottom-left side, and bottom-right side) optimized for easy and accurate application by hand
  • Includes adhesive ring for home button hole on screen
  • Includes pieces for home button bracket
  • 50% thicker than most kits, providing extra cushion for debris and imperfections in the frame
  • Made from specially-selected 3M adhesive, with performance characteristics optimal for this repair
  • Creates a strong seal around the entire perimeter of the frame, effectively providing a gasket that helps minimize the entrance of dust into the device